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Hello, everyone.

I’ve been pretty busy with RL and haven’t come up with much to review.  Well, I just downloaded a new game, and over the next couple of weekends will probably get enough info on it to make a review.  Also, I might do a review of hapkido, a martial art I took up at the beginning of this school term.  It seems there isn’t a whole lot of info on it out on the internet, so that may at least be helpful to people looking it up.

Meanwhile, I can tell you for sure that this headache gets a 00000, possibly even negative ♥ ratings.

See you soon!



Emails sent “on behalf of” someone else

Under Review: Emails sent on behalf of someone else

Category: Communication: Email

Rating: ♥0000

Reason: It’s confusing to keep track of who ACTUALLY sent the email, and it makes the recipient feel rather worthless.

Recommended for: People who are too lazy to send email to anyone other than their secretary, secretaries.

NOT recommended for: People who receive email.

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Under Review: Haven

Category: Non-participatory Video Entertainment: Television Series

Rating: ♥♥♥00

Reason: A little freak-of-the-week-ish, but a fun science fiction mystery.  I have trouble getting over the fact that the main character looks just like a particularly cranky ex-flatmate of mine.  Hard to rate because I’ve only seen 2 episodes.

Recommended for: People who are okay with weird scifi without so much as an attempt to bullshit the science behind it, people who are okay with Stephen King’s TV ventures, people who like freak of the week storylines.

NOT recommended for: People who hate Stephen King, people who don’t like scifi.

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LED Billboards

Under Review: LED Billboards

Category: Advertising: Road Signs

Rating: ♥0000

Reason: They’re easy to read during the day, but blinding at night.  I consider them a safety hazard.

Recommended for: People who wear their sunglasses at night, people who sell the components to make the board, people who don’t drive.

NOT recommended for: People who drive at night, people who are distracted by flashing lights, people with vision problems that turn light into burning pain… well, people, in general.  I think the second one got us there.

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Under Review: Paperclips

Category: Office Supplies: Paper management tool

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Reason: Incredibly useful, easy to store, fun to play with, and if you are offended by the sight of them, it’s really easy to hide them.

Recommended for: People who need to organize paper, people who like wire, small children who have learned not to eat small objects… well, pretty much everyone.

NOT recommended for: People who dislike paperclips? I don’t even know.

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EVE Online

Under Review: EVE Online

Category: Game: MMORPG

Rating: ♥♥♥00

Reason: Pretty fun with friends, but the first few weeks are pretty rough.

Recommended for: People who think space is cool, science/engineering-oriented people, people who don’t mind keeping the game up on a separate monitor while working on other things.

NOT recommended for: People who want to RP with little/no OOC time in game, people who hate math, people who hate games that involve a lot of AFK time.

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Welcome to, where I, Mouse, will review stuff!

Here’s how it works: I find something, I have thoughts about it, I review it and post the review here, for your perusal.

I may review pretty much anything–games, TV shows, books… I even have a review on a couple of types of writing utensils rattling around in my brain.